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Don’t miss a deal again!

Love deals but not the hunt? We’ve got you covered with the free Avion Rewards ShopPlus1 browser extension.

Avion Rewards ShopPlus finds you cash back deals and discounts right where you shop online. With deals available from over 1,900 retailers, you can shop and save like never before. It’s like your personal shopping companion.

Convenience as you shop

Avion Rewards ShopPlus will automatically let you know when cash back deals are available when you shop online at eligible merchants. All you have to do is activate your deal, make your purchase and receive your cash back and savings2.

Confidence as you search

Use Google to search for what you’re looking for and if there’s a cash back deal available, Avion Rewards ShopPlus will show you, right in your search results.

How to get Avion Rewards ShopPlus

For Desktop

Click the ‘Add to Desktop’ button on this page
Install the extension from the browser's web store
Follow the instructions to activate the extension with your RBC online banking credentials

For Mobile IOS

Download the Avion Rewards app
Sign in using your RBC online banking credentials
Click the “Enable ShopPlus Extension” link and follow the instructions2 to turn on the extension

Discover new ways to shop and save

We’ll do all the work to find you cash back deals.