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Eligible Products

Eligible Product Accounts for the Avion Rewards Core Product Account

RBC Personal Deposit Accounts

RBC Advantage Banking, RBC Day to Day Banking, RBC No Limit Banking, RBC No Limit Banking for Students, RBC Signature No Limit Banking, RBC Student Banking, RBC VIP Banking, U.S. Personal and RateLink Essential.

Personal RBC investment products

  • Life Income Fund (LIF), Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF), Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RSP), Canadian Market-Linked GIC, Income Builder GIC, Non-Redeemable GIC, One-Year Cashable GIC, Prime-Linked Cashable GIC, RateAdvantage GIC, RBC Canadian Banking MarketSmart GIC, RBC Canadian Utilities MarketSmart GIC, RBC ESG Market-Linked GIC, RBC North American MarketSmart GIC, RBC US MarketSmart GIC, Redeemable GIC, US Dollar Term Deposit.

RBC installment loans, lines of credit and home equity financing

  • Government Sponsored Student Loan, Personal Instalment Loans, RBC Employee Student Loan, RBC Energy Saver Loan, RSP Loan, Royal Credit Line, Royal Credit Line for General Program, Royal Credit line for Professional in Medical & Dental Studies, Royal Credit Line for Professional Studies (i.e. MBA/EMA, Law, Masters of Accounting, Master of Finance, Master of Science in Business Mgmt), Royal Credit Line for Special Programs, Royal Credit Line for Students – Students Studying Abroad, Adjustable Rate Mortage (ARM), Construction Mortgage, Fixed Rate Mortgage, Investment Properties Mortgage, Low Down Payment Mortgage, Manufactured Home Construction Mortgages, Ratecapper Mortgage, RBC Homeline Plan, Reverse Mortgage, Variable Rate Mortage.

RBC Personal Credit Cards

  • RBC Cash Back Mastercard, RBC Visa Cash Back, RBC Cash Back Preferred World Elite Mastercard, RBC Visa Classic Low Rate Option, RBC RateAdvantage Visa, RBC Visa Platinum

Note: The product list will be updated by RBC from time to time. Product Accounts listed here are subject to additional eligibility criteria as set out in the Avion Rewards Terms & Conditions